How to become a professional cricketer


How to become a professional cricketer

When Harsha Bhogle saidCricket is the only sport in the world where you are absolutely horrible at something and you still need to go out and do it”, we didn’t take it as one of his sarcastic remarks but the truth about this sport. While cricket is a lucrative career option in India, it is a highly competitive game for choice as a career. There are many aspirants but then, there are very limited platforms, for professional coaching, training, promotion & performance mapping. In case, you’re lucky to find them all under one roof, the enrolment fees seem not so-affordable. In other cases, the registration fees appear more fleecing than encouraging for an average aspirant from a Tier 2 or 3 town, or a relatively middle class income background. We tried to survey a whole bunch of aspirational cricketers from various towns and cities, across India and came up with this gap analysis that needs to be addressed, for India to produce more world class performers. Let us have a look at the challenges faced by most of the youth aspirants eyeing a career in cricket:

a- Most youngsters fail to make it for the lack of a good mentor & guide that is accessible to them, at a decent fee. “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be” — Tom Landry

b- Others are lucky to find themselves a good coach but is that enough? Not really, a good coach minus a structured training program is no better than an aspirant without a good coach.

c- Some players fail even if they have access to the above two, for there is no measurable progress chart, track record that they can refer to from time to time – A sort of digital diary on which their structured training programs need to be based & tweaked, from time to time. Spoken feedbacks often fail to register well with new players & as such, they tend to get over-stressed. Technology based platforms address these problems, way more efficiently.

d- Some of the cricket enthusiasts fall short owing to the less talked about ‘communication gap’ between a player & his/her coach that mostly emanates from language barriers, an introvert cricket enthusiast, a lack of basic ground rules, cricket jargons, on-field terminology and less interaction amongst the playing teams at clubs & academies. 

e- Yet others suffer on account of the attention deficit, i.e. a result of profit focussed, private coaching academies that take in more players than they can effectively train & prepare. They just have a handful of coaches for a large number of players which makes individual attention & one-to-one interaction with a coach, much limited. Every player needs a tailored feedback, to up their game. 

f- The time constraints are a big deterrent to improvising upon, a player’s performance. A player needs more practice & therefore, more time to hone their skills at the game.

g- Further, a broader analysis on each ball delivered, every shot played is required. Such macroscopic and microscopic analysis of the shots & deliveries, the hits and misses are made possible through technology that records, analyses & updates every time and per player, for each game, 

h- The dependency on on-ground interactions offers less room for the players to turn back to their coaches, for clarifications, revision or feedback on any doubts whatsoever. Assumptions formed in such cases, can spoil the performance of a relatively promising player. 

A consolidated tracking report of the player’s performance is often lacking amidst the physical training sessions. The technology enabled training accumulates these reports & keeps them handy for reference and improvisation, throughout the tournament or league matches. Shaurya Sports is one such sports-tech platform that has an integrated ability to capture the player data and thereby, build upon the player profile. The app makes the performance record accessible for each registered player anytime, anywhere and on any internet backed device. The overall performance scores are carefully broken down into easy-to-understand grades & ranking systems, making use of its advanced analytical and feedback tools. It is this detailed data for each player that allows the coaches to provide personalised assessment and customised improvisation programs. In fact, everyone from players to coaches, to parents and academies have access to this data which enables them to keep track of a player’s progression journey and readiness for any upcoming cricket tournament or a major corporate league. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring in your cricketing gears & get ready to smash the door, blocking your dreams to be an A-class cricketer. 

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