How to become a professional cricketer


How to become a professional cricketer


If ‘Men-in-Blue’ mesmerize you, then you have landed at the right place for all your queries pertaining to your favorite sport. Cricketing is one of the most sought after careers in India but there is a lot of hard work & dedication that goes behind the making of a world class performer. To be a good cricketer, you need to train (and by that I mean, train hard) under a good coach who needs to provide you with real time review & feedback on your performance. However, the access to good coaches is limited by geography, the budgets & the academies they are serving with which restricts the access that a player needs to them.

This is exactly how online sports coaching, technology based performance mapping and the idea of private cricketing events emerged. The Corona pandemic & nationwide lockdowns brought about a massive shift in how the game of cricket is played – From outdoor cricket clubs & stadiums to indoor practice nets, one-on-one cricket coaching to online coaching, zoom sessions and Google meet ups dominated the web space with players connecting with fitness experts, nutritionists and coaches online. Technology too, came to be used in much different ways with introduction of the performance tracking software & sports tech apps. The USPs that, it delivered upon:

1- Development of new skills happens faster by learning smarter, across all genders. It provides the convenience of training alongside the male & female cricketers without feeling any degree of discomfort

2- A personal digital diary that records & documents the development process of each cricketer without having to enrol with an expensive state-of-art cricket academy.

3- Helps with learning the cricketing skills in a fun & interactive way, alongside your 10th and 12th board or college preparations. 

Once you have a platform to track, guide & improvise on your performance and a good mentor, you’ll need to practice at local, city specific cricketing events, professional, corporate and amateur leagues. These events would help you learn both as a team player & a cricketer. Who knows, you also get picked up for a reputed cricket club, based on your growing online popularity, the score card and performance reels. 

Age also plays a big role in determining your career in the game of cricket. Each player has the option of participating across a bandwidth of categories ranging from u-14 to u-19 and 22 and above. There is no ideal age for an amateur cricketer but for professional sports; the earlier you start, the better are your chances of acing the game. Get your basics clear; get to know the field, the game jargons, the rules and the various gaming formats. Please know that the competition level will vary across different age groups and gaming formats. The more experienced players outperform the younger lot. However while you equip yourself with the field, the game and game rules: also please be doubly cautious on lifetime bans and penalties imposed on rule breakers in this game. Start small but go on challenging yourself. Attend as many workshops, online coaching sessions, Q & As, private cricketing events, city, state and national championship leagues. It will only help you prepare better for the competition. 

Food, nutrition and fitness training are as crucial as your on-field skills, practice nets, performance assessments and choice of a good sports platform. Make it a priority to follow a clean & balanced diet, no matter what. You’ll need to work out regularly, train, run, jog and engage your full body in a high intensity interval training, to keep fit. You will also be required to cut down on extra carbs, salt & and replace them with a protein laden diet, to keep your stamina levels high. A good physical health is the key to enhanced focus and henceforth, improved performance levels. 

Besides exploring your chances at being a professional player, you can also try your hands at franchise sports and become a part of one of these well-paying leagues organized in different countries. IPL India, BBL Australia, Caribbean Leagues are a few to name in that order. Today cricketing is not limited to joining an academy but it’s all about looking for an integrated platform that offers training, tactics, real-time coaching, ease of access, fitness & nutrition tips, professional reviews, review backed training sessions besides an opportunity to perform at various cricketing events, for a reasonable fee. The salaries offered are huge along with a multitude of professional & personal benefits. The better you keep getting at your game and the more events you participate in, the more are your chances of being noticed and picked up, to perform at the professional level. 

Brian Lara said it the best “My first bat was shaped of a coconut branch. And from that day, all I wanted to do was be a cricketer.”

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