How To Choose A Sports Academy


How To Choose A Sports Academy

Cricket my friend, is a precarious sport with almost a billion strong fan base across the world!!! If the green turf, the floodlights, the cheering crowds and score boards make your adrenaline rush, you know you’re meant for it; and so you need to start training, ASAP. For long, the private & state cricket academies and clubs have dominated the choices for those aspiring to be cricketers but then, these are limited in numbers & so, is their capacity for admissions. Moreover, their fee structure is a little on the higher side which makes it not-as-affordable an option for most cricket aspirants. 


With the #DigitalIndia initiative getting a huge boost, quite a few SportsTech platforms have ventured out into this space. One such platform is Shaurya Sports which offers a dedicated platform for the aspiring cricketers to enrol online, test for physical fitness and basic skills before being inducted into different teams based on skill level; which are then required to compete against each other at the city, state & national levels. Shaurya Sports is unique in the fashion it has integrated technology with sporting events, providing the players with live scores, performance tracking & analysis at the conclusion of each match. The app makes it easy for the players to keep a record of their past & present performances, to identify their weak points, rehearse and build upon their strengths. The app also displays the performance graph for each player, overtime. The Team Shaurya has a dedicated network of coaches, nutritionists and fitness experts on their panel who from time to time, both virtually & on-ground groom & equip these players by sharing tricks & tips on how to use a field, to their advantage. Shaurya Sports diligently works with the aspiring cricketers by providing them a professional coach, a quality pitch, state of art stadiums and a competitive team. Training under these professional coaches helps a player get familiar with the nuances of professional cricket while also offering the exposure required to excel in this field. 



India has a whole lot of cricket academies spread across its length & breadth, from Bangalore to Delhi and Chennai to Mumbai, Jaipur & Dehradun. So, how do you decide on which academy to kick-start your cricketing career with? Here is a list of things you will need to focus on when enrolling with a cricket academy:



1- The academy should have state-of-art stadiums which mean fully covered nets, floodlight facilities, video recording & analysis software, audio-visual training facility, digital equipment for pitch vision analysis, speed checks, bowling machines and both indoor and outdoor nets with cement, coir matting, artificial turn & turf. 

2- The academy should also have indoor halls for felicitating lectures from cricket coaches, veterans and cricketing legends who must be invited as guest faculties to boost the morale of cricketing enthusiasts, from time to time.

3- No cricket academy can pass of as a good cricket academy unless it is equipped with physiotherapy clinics & seasoned therapists.

4- Synthetic wickets are also available with some of the good cricket academies. 

5- Nothing beats up the need for physical fitness which is a must for every aspiring cricketer. Hence, no cricket academy is good enough unless it comes with a good gymnasium.

6- A swimming pool is a key necessity to train the players on stamina building & core strength. A good cricket academy will come with a temperature monitored swimming pool.

7- No academy is good enough unless it offers you competitive matches, one-on-one practice sessions, district, city & state level tournaments every couple months & training camps with the best coaches. 

8- The most important thing to look out for is that the academy trains its recruits to play across varying weather conditions & various types of pitch conditions, for optimum performance. 

9- Mental agility is as crucial to better performance as physical fitness & skill training. Any good cricket academy will never miss out on improving a player’s reflexes, as part of their training program. 

10- With women cricketing icons like Mithali Raj & Reema Malhotra acing the game of cricket, good cricket academies no longer should limit their intakes by gender. A good academy should be able to accommodate both boys & girls, in equal capacity.  

11- And if a cricket academy manages to provide you with international exposure while you are training, nothing like that. 

12- Lastly, a structured training program is what differentiates a good cricket academy from any average one. Interactive, fun, challenging & structured learning sessions help each & every player reach their full potential, in no time. Some specialized counselling sessions are needed from time-to-time, to train a talented but a non-performing player.




In the words of Sir Vivian Richards “There was a legacy before I came in, and it was my job to take the baton and make sure I held it tight and ran like hell.” That’s exactly how a good cricket academy needs to look at every new batch of cricketing aspirants, they promise to train. 


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